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Alcoholic Beverage Control

The office of Alcoholic Beverage Control is responsible for the licensing, inspection, enforcement, and control of the sales of all alcohol in the City of Raceland.  The ABC office works in connection with the Police Department to ensure that regulations are followed, licenses are properly applied for and granted, and proper taxation of sales is applied.  All of the regulations on alcohol sales in the city are determined both by State Law (KRS 243), and City Ordinance (2022-04).  

Current License Holders

Sam's Corner Carry-Out

715 Greenup Ave.

-Packaged Beer 

-Packaged Liquor (Limit of 2)

Super Quik

500 Pond Run Rd.

-Packaged Beer

American Legion Post 43

439 Greenup Ave.

-Private Club, Drink


Tyler Bradley

606-836-4522 (Office)

606-836-7161 (Fax)

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