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Alcoholic Beverage Control

How many liquor stores can the City have?

The City of Raceland is allowed 2 "Quota Retail Package" licenses for liquor sales.  This is determined by the State of Kentucky ABC and determined by the population.  This does not apply to beer or "malt" package sales as those have no quota.

What kind of licenses are available?

There are many different licenses that cover various types of businesses, events, and locations.  These can be found in the City of Raceland Alcohol Sales Ordinance 2020-08 linked HERE

Can I get a license for a special event?

Yes! There are licenses available for special events, caterers, and festivals. 

How do I apply for a license?

There is an application and fees associated with each license both at the City and State level.  Click HERE to go to the forms page to find the applications.  

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